In the Beginning...

From the very beginning, music gave me something that nothing else could.
That something can't be clearly articulated because it encompasses so much. But likely, it gave me a way to express myself when I didn't have any other tools to do so. And as a frustrated teenager, that was what I needed most. So, whether I was feeling depressed, joyous, lonely, bored - or any of the other hundreds of hormone-driven moods an adolescent is subject to - I would usually just go to the piano. Or else I would put on a CD and blast it (to the chagrin of parents and neighbors, but come on! It was probably something like a Brahms symphony; not exactly hardcore.)   
So why a blog? The power of this medium is the ability to share. And so, the many philosophical and spiritual ideas about music that, until now, I have recorded in my handwritten journal (loftily entitled 'Music Musings') will now appear here. 
My hope is that anyone who comes exploring will find an array of easily digestible tidbits about a host of concepts: specific pieces or composers, orchestras, musicians, conducting, etc. The style is purposely conversational - though, having said that, I am prone to occasional bouts of waxing lyrically and earnestly. The aim is to lend insight, and thereby, to enhance the experience of that music which has so incalculably enriched my life. 
Welcome! And let us away. 

Kirsten Hicks